Appropriation itself is a suspect device. On one hand it's legitimate to use anything else we can get our hands on as a catalyst for more work. On the other, there will always be those who can't abide the sampled music in Hip hop and can't abide a similar device here. No matter what, some people will think one way and some another. There's only one thing that is definitely true: Stiff Lil' Fingers have a song called Suspect Device and everyone should listen to it.

Some of the of art printed here is student work from Josh Bayer's cartooning courses at Ed alliance and the 92nd St Y in NY. The rest of the work is by renowned alternative cartoonists from all over the country. The First issue of Suspect device premiered at the Aug 2011 Philidelphia Alternative Art Convention. It's Available here . The 2nd Issue will be announced soon and its going to be so good

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

jess worby- sadly left out of book... :*(


  1. It's a real shame!
    Looks awesome to me. Good gag besides.

    So excited to catch SD2!

  2. just saw this now. ah well, i enjoyed drawing the thing. i randomly decided to use a messed up micron that had a split tip, which was fun.

  3. Hey Joshbayer,
    I am not clear about that device. I wish you will declare about that.
    Zapper which is called Parazapper can eliminate bacteria from water.